Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine is based on the philosophy that we are whole in our health of body, mind and spirit.  We become ill because of a disruption in that body, mind and spirit.  As we address this trilogy and work with it as one, our whole health is again restored.  Eden Energy Medicine embraces energy testing as a means to verify the areas of imbalance and then later verify the restored energy balance once the treatment has been applied.

There is a “5 Minute Routine” taught in Eden Energy Medicine that supports and helps to maintain one’s overall health.  This fun routine is easy to learn and is profoundly rewarding in the health benefits one can receive from it.

Moving and balancing the energies in our bodies through various pathways of the meridians, neurovascular and neurolymphatic systems are what we can do to keep ourselves in a state of wellness.  Illness, then, is the out of balance state of wellness.  Through the energy medicine techniques and testing, we support a healthy immune system and find that our mental and spiritual well being is affected and brought into balance as well.  The energy techniques and exercises put forth in Eden Energy Medicine are perfectly suited to a health care strategy that encompasses a variety of philosophies.  Health care professionals from all walks of medicine are beginning to explore and offer energy based healing.

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