What is BEMER Physical Vascular Technology?

With BEMER Physical Vascular Technology WE affect 74% of our cardio vascular system called microcirculation.  Because the vessels are so small, we do not have any diagnostics for this area.  Therefore, it is overlooked despite the fact that physiologically it is the most important part because this is where all exchanges take place.  Every cell in the body depends on it.

BEMER works exactly in this area.

Health and Performance are only possible if our blood vessel work properly. That is why scientists developed BEMER Physical Vascular Technology. Many independent double blind studies, user studies and reports support and demonstrate  its efficacy.

The BEMER set is comprised of a control unit and various application modules. The control unit generates a specific physical signal which is send via an application module into the body. There it triggers the natural movement in the smallest blood vessels, which leads to an improved blood flow in this area. Blood flow in our smallest vessels, which make up 74% of the entire blood vessel system, constitutes the basis of an efficient cell metabolism.

This in turn, allows the cells to successfully perform all their functions!

If you want to know more about the BEMER and how it supports your health through improved microcirculation,  call or write to me.               208.610.5525