Breaking Through Your Money Gap

Earlier last week I told you about the free mini workshop I’m presenting on Thursday evening at the library (6:30, Oct 1), Challenge My Money Programming. With that, I’ll now introduce and invite you to participate in a longer workshop series of that same venue — The Challenges of Your Money Paradigm, Breaking Through Your Money Gap. This workshop series takes you and your money a step further for a deeper look into yourself to clear and release any emotions or blocks you may have to achieving your own wealth goals.

This will be a series of six workshops designed to explore and uncover more layers of your money challenges and wealth set points.

We will begin with the exercise of Your Confidential Money Map focusing broadly on your self talk, emotions, and events or traumas associated with the 5 kinds of money. From there you will find it helpful as we explore your early money paradigm that you received at a fairly young age. The A-HA moments of where it came from and how you may be living this same programming now are essential pieces in the clearing process.

What about your business and personal goals? Have you had a business go bad? Were there events you deemed as negative that taught you not to trust yourself? A time you worked so hard to build something, only to feel betrayal over it? We will address and walk through these past traumas. You will set goals and discover where you feel the resistance and why those goals are unmet or why you don’t feel safe making bigger goals.

We will look at worth, deserving and your belief system around how hard you have to work for your money; how much you should earn and how much you should save. I will show you how to break the cycle of ‘always striving but never arriving’ and how to move out of the big mummy bag of being invisible.

Wealth means different things in different scenarios to different people. In these workshops I will use money as the vehicle to open up your early programming and see what is there, how you talk about it and how you feel and express yourself about it. What you may notice is that aspects of your life will pop out with moments of clarity about the wealth and well being of love, health and relationships.

Becoming aware of what drives you, honoring how you are and what brought you here, and choosing to release that which no longer serves you is a formula for bridging the gap between the life you want and the life you have.

I’m looking to set this workshop series up a couple of different ways.
1) I would ask you to respond to me with interest in this series and and times that work best for you.
2) Or I could choose Thursday evenings 6:00 – 8:00 Oct. 8 through Nov. 12

The cost of the 6 workshop series is $125.00. I would consider presenting this workshop in two separate sessions each week, i.e. an evening setting and a separate afternoon or Saturday setting. If I had four or more people per series the multiple weekly sessions could work well. If we had two different groups and you missed a class, you could make it up in the other class or I could do a make up version with you,

I invite you to dialog with me about any of the content and good meeting times for you. Thank you. I’m most appreciative of your time and I look forward to sharing this series with you.

All my best,