Breakthrough Your Money Gap

You are invited to a free talk at the Sandpoint Public Library,

An Evening Workshop on Your Money Paradigm

Thursday Oct. 1, 2015, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

East Bonner County Library

1407 Cedar St.

Sandpoint ID 83864

Challenge My Money Programming

This workshop allows you to look at the programming/ paradigm you carry as your attitude of wealth. Your wealth and money foundation began early in your development and grew and expanded based on your experience and interactions.

Your money paradigm reveals

** what you allow yourself to earn

** whether you “do” activities that amass wealth

** the money reality you will recreate

Your income may be at a great level for you yet your savings account may be dismal. When you look at your debt, how do you feel and what do you say to yourself about it.

Understand your wealth blueprint will stay with you the rest of your life unless you change it. –T. Harv Ekart

In this workshop we will uncover and clarify your programming, challenge that programming to show your wealth set points and clear the emotions and beliefs that keep you there. You will see how to move into the recreation of your own money paradigm by making and supporting your own money goals and choices now.

This workshop is presented by Kay Walker. Call 208.610.5525 for further information.

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