Essential Oils


Beautiful butterfly

Beautiful butterfly

It’s magick. Like deep support from a friend, someone who will hold your hand and say “It’s all right”.   Or a gentle arm around your shoulder, walking quietly with you. Feeling this shared presence is a moment of new strength and centeredness that hasn’t come through for quite some time.  Essential oils can invoke this feeling of support.

In my journey through the plant world, navigating my spirit and connecting with some of theirs has been fascinating and solid.  In the world of essential oils I have found no greater allies to connect with and support a person’s desire of change – for physical pain, emotional conflict or a shift into clarity.

It is with respect and mindfulness that I call on the plant world for assistance and support.  With the creation of a multi-oil blend, the synergistic energy(of the plant spirits) subtly comes in to the human body as a kind of facilitator going between the core self’s desire and reminding the body how to carry out these changes.  It is not without your participation that the magick happens.

Sara was a young athletic women I had worked with for about a year.  She was intelligent, compassionate and hard working.  She had many belief systems that we explored, defined and observed. And we were able to release some of the beliefs  that were no longer serving her.

There were a couple of old, deep relationships she was struggling with.  She didn’t want to give up the relationships but the current dynamics were no longer serving her and she didn’t know of another way, short of quitting, to change the hurtful pattern.  We talked through these current issues and over time used energy therapies such as emotional freedom technique (EFT), integrated energy therapy (IET) and essential oils to allow for a shift in how she perceived herself.

When she was with these people, conversations and situations would come up that would trigger old standby responses of anger and defensiveness.  Many sessions would have us going over the triggered event.  Using EFT, we were usually successful in shifting her personal energy and allowing the intense emotions to dissipate.  She would feel more peaceful and leave in a state of calm.

Working through a person’s background of belief systems and trigger points is like peeling an onion.  Many times when triggered emotions come up, they act as a filter.  Sometimes with long time filters and habits in place it can be hard to approach another with clear functional intent.  As the outer triggers fell to the wayside for Sara, more showed up as she worked deeply with herself in becoming aware of the old patterns she wished to shift.

One day she came into the office and I felt an indescribable shift in her energy field.  There were many things going on, especially with these deep relationships she was working through.  It seemed we were back at square one, going over feelings and emotions we had worked with and cleared.  I knew we weren’t starting over.  The expressions were similar to the beginning days, yet there was a palpable difference somehow. I felt her journey was not linear but in the model of a spiral.  Sometimes several issues we work through on the first level are not completely resolved.   And we find that moving forward, we come past them again at a second or third level with more background and experience to handle them. I knew she knew how to work though this yet I was getting a nagging hit from somewhere to offer essential oils to her.  I asked her permission to make a blend of oils and give it to her in the morning.  She was very open to all the energy therapies we had used and was most willing to try this one as well.

That afternoon after Sara left I was able to center myself and connect with a higher source.  I methodically went through each of the oils and energy tested with kinesionics which ones were willing or wanting to work with Sara and the current issues she had coming through like a detox cleansing.  I also tend to personify the plant spirit of these oils.  It’s the style that I have developed and have found it to work well for me.  The next morning was Saturday and I had the oil blend ready for her bright and early.  She was leaving for the weekend and it felt important to me she have it for her trip.

The magick worked.  Many more events and situations came up for her in the next week.  Her plate was full with drama and baggage and joy and sadness.  She later reported to me that in using the oil, a whole team of support opened up to her.  She said she felt an inner strength that allowed her to be who she really was and had been striving to become.  Many of the old patterns from people close to her came up and she wasn’t triggered in a negative way by them.  She was able to be compassionate and come from a place of love within herself.  She was now several more rungs up the spiral.

The magick of the plant spirits through the essential oils is real.  What makes it so powerful is the connection and participation that happens when a person is open to the connection and gives themselves permission to receive what is being given.