Wealth Coaching


Tapping Into Wealth Coaching is a program of processes that allow you to uncover and clarify your wealth and money programming.  Once uncovered, we challenge that programming to show your true set-points for receiving and accumulating money and wealth.  There is a huge mind/body/money connection and we use the mind/body tool of Tapping (aka EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique) to release your blocks around money and wealth.  Then we tap in choice for the creation of your own new wealth paradigm.

It has been reported in many people a side effect of working with addressing old money programming is to release the blocks and limiting beliefs around love, relationships and weight loss.  TIW starts with the money piece as a vehicle into your true inner wealth, teases and cajoles the many limiting beliefs in your programming to come forward and then sets the stage for you to choose a new paradigm to create the life you most want to live and be.